Photo challenges on Instagram are usually fun and hilarious when we get to see how creative people can actually be on IG. Then there are those challenges that are just outright stupid and put on full display the idiots who participate in such foolishness. The #KylieJennerChallenge is that dumb challenge/hashtag that we wish we would just go away quickly.


We are quite confused as to why young girls and men are actually willing to put their lips in a shot glass and suck in as hard as they can. The result is not Kylie Jenner‘s “natural” pouty lip look but more like a painful version of Big Ang’s lips from VH1’s hit reality show Mob Wives.


Literally it does look like something out of a horror movie, plastic surgeons are even warning people not to partake in the challenge saying it could cause painful, permanent disfigurement. Of course folks don’t heed these warnings and flocked to social media accounts and participated anyway. We sincerely hope Kylie catches wind of this which we sure she already has and puts an end to this. Hit the gallery to see the some of these horrible failures first hand, if these pics don’t deter you from participating, we don’t know what will.

Photos Via: Instagram

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