Lately, Police brutality has gotten out of hand. Since the Sean Bell incident, it seems like the behavior of the people who are suppose to serve and protect the community are harming the citizens in the community. From Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown, Walter Scott and Eric Harris, the police department has proven they are failing to protect the communities they serve.


The good people over at NY Justice League, came together and formed a march from New York to Washington, DC to speak out about getting justice for cases like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. Earlier this morning NYJL and their supporters gathered together to prepare for their walk. March2justice

The march has now began and they are in the process of marching 250 miles to Washington, DC.


We commend NY Justice League and their supporters on doing something major like this March from New York to Washington, DC. To keep up with the progress of the march, follow the NYJL on Instagram @NYjusticeleague or keep track of the hashtag #March2Justice.

We hope that everyone has a safe march and this effort to gain justice is effective.

Source: Instagram

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