madonna kisses Drake

Madonna is always out here kissing on somebody…

The ending of weekend 1 of Coachella Valley Music Festival got very interesting last night while Drake was on stage. Drake was minding is own business performing “Madonna” from his latest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, and here comes Madonna. After she performed 2 of her own hits, “Human Nature” and “Hung Up”, she goes in for the infamous “kiss”.

madonna kisses Drake


Not sure if it was what Drake wanted or expected, he was into the kiss as he did go for the affection hair grab. Madonna wanted no parts of Drake’s hand in her hair though. The look on his face as he wiped his mouth looked as if  that the kiss was unwarranted. After the awkward embrace, Madonna confidently stomps off the stage but only after proclaiming “B*tch, I’m Madonna”.


* Drops Mic *





Check out the kiss here:



Also check out Drake’s entire set from Coachella, but if you don’t have time for all of that and you just want to get to the good part with Madonnas entire performance, you can skip to the 36:00 min mark.

Drizzy Coachella 15 Part 1 by YardieGoals



Black Twitter bonus you know there were memes about the moment hit the gallery below : 

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