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Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour stopped through Los Angeles, last night and for the fans was a surprise guest appearance from The Biebs — Justin Bieber! They performed “As Long As You Love Me” which features Ariana’s bae, Big Sean. After the two performed Big Sean’s verse [who was not there], let’s just say Biebs got a little bit comfy putting his arms around her waist, resting his head at the back of hers.


Ariana quickly detangled herself and continued performing, as Justin tried multiple times.

Big Sean is currently on Canada on his own tour, it’s quite ironic that Bieber a native Canadian is on the hot seat.


It’s being speculated that Sean caught wind of the infraction and sent out a tweet, then quickly deleted it peep it below.


Again it’s all speculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised or mad at Sean if he let that tweet fly out of anger.



Hahaha! Isn’t Sean funny?! We understand if he would be upset, Bieber broke a man law there. They are in a committed relationship so the Biebs should have definitely been respectful. Ya know?!

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