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Today Jhené Aiko premieres the “Eternal Sunshine” video directed by Jay Ahn from her #1 RnB debut album, Souled Out.

The visual shows moments after a life threatening car crash, Jhené is lifted into the air from the ground to the sky. As she is lifted she remembers her life as it flashes before her eyes highlighting childhood memories including her brother, Miyagi, who passed away in 2012 of cancer.

A year after her brother’s passing, Jhené was in a car crash along with her daughter Namiko, sister Miyoko and Namiko’s father O’Ryan. The “Eternal Sunshine” video takes both of these stories and places them in the context of this Key Wane-produced song, showing a dramatic still shot of Jhené’s face as the background zooms out to reveal the aftermath of a crash interspersed with nostalgic childhood shots and clips that explain the crash we see.

“It’s a striking, moving, disarming video, and it affirms Jhené’s supremely calm, spiritual approach to pretty much everything. We’re now there flying kites with her and her brother, we’re in the passenger seat riding along with her and her daughter, and we’re a little more clued in to ‘all of the good things’ than we were when those good things were just our own shallow observations about life.”

Check out the video below:

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