Now, we are sure you all know that Jay-Z actually completed his acquisition of Swedish music streaming company Aspiro in March, paying out $56 million, with some help from a few of his celebrity associates including his wife, Beyonce.

Now, just weeks after his bid was accepted, Aspiro is valued at $250 million, the New York Post reports.



Mr. Carter relaunched Aspiro’s main streaming site, Tidal, at a star-studded event in New York just two weeks ago.

As it stands at this very moment, Aspiro is reportedly valued at around $250 million. The New York Post says that Tidal has gained more than 100,000 paying subscribers since the New York press conference. It had just 35,000 subscribers before the Jay Z acquisition.

But everyone isn’t happy about the TIDAL-WAVE, including it’s competition, Spotify, who has taken some time to throw a few shots at Jay & Co…


This tweet was deleted shortly after, but no tweet is safe from the internets!

Then Spotify’s lead product designer tweeted this …


Salty much?

Now, in Jay’s defense, this is pretty much what Tidal looked like when he purchased it, we are sure a face lift is on the way!


-Stay Fly!

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