The Word: Two Weeks Later, Jay-Z’s Tidal Is Worth $250 Million/ Spotify Throws Shots…


Now, we are sure you all know that Jay-Z actually completed his acquisition of Swedish music streaming company Aspiro in March, paying out $56 million, with some help from a few of his celebrity associates including his wife, Beyonce.

Now, just weeks after his bid was accepted, Aspiro is valued at $250 million, the New York Post reports.



Mr. Carter relaunched Aspiro’s main streaming site, Tidal, at a star-studded event in New York just two weeks ago.

As it stands at this very moment, Aspiro is reportedly valued at around $250 million. The New York Post says that Tidal has gained more than 100,000 paying subscribers since the New York press conference. It had just 35,000 subscribers before the Jay Z acquisition.

But everyone isn’t happy about the TIDAL-WAVE, including it’s competition, Spotify, who has taken some time to throw a few shots at Jay & Co…


This tweet was deleted shortly after, but no tweet is safe from the internets!

Then Spotify’s lead product designer tweeted this …


Salty much?

Now, in Jay’s defense, this is pretty much what Tidal looked like when he purchased it, we are sure a face lift is on the way!


-Stay Fly!

By Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1)

Named as one of NY's top socialites, Gabriel Williams has definitely made a name for himself in today's entertainment industry. Running one of the most respected blogs on the web, featured in several blogs, magazines and on television networks, have interviewed some today's hottest talent, to consulting/branding/styling/creative direction for some of the best acts and brands in the business; and also offering his specialty in music, whether it's providing background vocals or songwriting - Gabriel knows his place in the rapture of all-things-entertainment, and he plays it very well. Praised to be a "mogul in the making", Gabriel is just that "IT" candidate for "All Things Fly"! He is what "Stuff Fly People Like"!

One reply on “The Word: Two Weeks Later, Jay-Z’s Tidal Is Worth $250 Million/ Spotify Throws Shots…”

Whatever Spot-i-thief. If Tidal pays artists even slightly more than the others (itunes, Pandora, etc.) then it’s doing better for the business and industry. Aloe Blacc & his co-collaborators had a song on Pandora played over 140 million times and they received only $12,000 dollars?! And that had to be split about 5 ways? Something’s wrong with that, I hope Tidal does even a slight bit better


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