Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Rihanna stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight, and she revealed she is a huge fan of Jimmy’s April fools pranks. She decided that she would pull a prank on the master himself this April fools and it was hilarious.

Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Rihanna decided to bring the show to Jimmy’s house while he was sleeping. She surprises the late night talk show host with an impromptu performance of her new single #BBHMM aka “Bitch Better Have My Money”  in his bedroom. Jimmy wakes up totally surprised trying to figure out what is going on in his house.A confused Jimmy watches as Rihanna and friends are flashing lights on him and throwing money at him.

Honestly who wouldn’t mind a mini performance in their bedroom from Rihanna? Peep the hilarious video below.

We love Rihanna for this!

Rihanna also talked about the prank she pulled on Jimmy and how she enjoys a good prank.

Jimmey and Rihanna also took the Twizzlers challenge for Autism Awareness Month. We didn’t even know this existed honestly. The opportunity to share a Twizzler with Rihanna Lady in The Tramp style is opportunity one can’t pass up on at all, for a good cause of course.Rihanna Pranks Jimmey Kimmel

Watch the video below…

Stay Fly!

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel

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