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The Last Ride: Furious 7 FLY Review


The wait is over, the seventh installment in the high-octane, action packed, car junkie’s favorite film franchise is here. The SFPL got a chance to see Furious 7 early, hit the jump to see if the “last ride” in the franchise is worth your money.

Furious 7 Review

The Toretto gang is all here, well minus Han (Sung Kang) whose death we saw in two of the franchises movies first in Tokyo Drift and at the end of Furious 6 at the hands of Ian Shaw (Jason Statham). Which brings us to Furious 7.

The Toretto gang is back home from London where they sent Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) to his death. Everything is all good, Brian (Paul Walker) is adjusting to family life with Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Dom (Vin Diesel) is trying to help Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) remember what they once had and rekindle the fire. The happiness is interrupted from a phone call from big brother Ian Shaw, who is not happy that the gang pushed his little brother out of plane. Thus the action packed, globe-trotting, ridiculous stunt filled ride that is Furious 7 begins.

Furious 7 Review

Furious 7 is a perfect blend of family,love, drama and action, if you’re wondering if the 7th film trumps the last films wow factor, YES it does.

Furious 7 ReviewFurious 7 ReviewFurious 7 Review

The car stunts are out of this world ridiculous, unbelievable but amazing to see on the big screen.

Furious 7 Review

The fight scenes are even on par with the scenes involving cars. They do get a bit ridiculous making these human beings seem a bit super human but we definitely can look past that. It is Fast and The Furious and it makes sense. Our favorite fight scene though involved Letty and UFC champion Ronda Rousey in elegant gowns and heels by the way. It was very intense.

Furious 7 ReviewFurious 7 ReviewFurious 7 ReviewJason Statham no stranger to being behind in the wheel of a car in a film because of The Transporter franchise is the ultimate bad ass. Statham solidifies his place in action movie lore with his performance and serves as an excellent villain.

Furious 7 ReviewHe was even a handful for super agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).

Furious 7 ReviewNow the big question was how would this film work around the death of Paul Walker. We must say they did a great job, according to the cast Walker scenes were about 80% done anyway at the time of his tragic passing.

Furious 7 ReviewDirector James Wan did an excellent job of giving Paul Walker a proper send off in the film.

As for the overall verdict on the film, we loved Furious 7 and fans of the franchise will also be very pleased with the film. It manages to tie up all of the franchises loose ends, so keep an eye out for old cast members from previous films.

Furious 7 Review

Everything from the cars, women, locations, action and stunts top the last film by miles. Furious 7 is the unofficial start of the Summer movie blockbuster season and will rake in the dough. There’s already rumblings of a 8th film,  so don’t be surprised if it does come to fruition. So buckle up, sit back and enjoy the action packed last ride that is Furious 7.

Rating: 4 out 5

Photos: Universal/Image.Net

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