Justin Timberlake takes home the Music Innovator Award at the #iheartawards 2015. Upon accepting the award he gives a heartfelt speech where he includes simple but intricate advice from the late Steve Jobs:

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

-Steve Jobs

As a kid in school, he wasn’t considered an innovator. Instead he was called “weird” and “different”. Guess what? Mama JT taught him that being different was good and it resulted in a lifetime and many more years of success.

The thoughtful award was advocated for by many of music’s greats like Timbaland. Looking dapper in his royal blue suit, JT truly deserved it. After thanking everyone, he sent genuine love home to his wife Jessica Biel and their “creation” to come!

Watch the speech here!

JT — Music Innovator Speech

After wrapping up Justin thanks all on Twitter.

Congratulations, JT!

Stay Fly!

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