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Okay that was a cheap shot but we’re still on the fence with him too.

Even tho he’s almost warming up to us. We’ll explain why later.


Meanwhile, Check out baby PJ Playing Shark Tank!

Mary Jane might have put her foot in her mouth, under estimating her little bro. PJ’s got some major business plans in the works and we’re talking millions! We’ll be waiting on you Mr. Business man.

(Excited for him aren’t you?)


Not easy being daddy is it sir? We’re actually surprised he made it to a second episode. But nevertheless lets not diminish his efforts.

Mommy Dearest sure didn’t. Here’s the thing, Although we’ve come to terms with the fact that grandma’s always right, its hard to watch her Always be right.

But in this episode for a change it was for the better and once Niecy grabbed onto what grandma was getting at….


Let’s call it truce. For now at least.


Wrapping it up with Dad for some reason always brings things into perspective. Interestingly enough, the question that none of us have ever thought twice about asking,

Does the woman who goes after everything she wants really want a baby?

Really even need a child?

Happiness should truthfully trump everything in the end. Maybe going after David, the love of her life isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Maybe its Pops who really knows it all. Lets see where MJ’s heart leads her next.

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– Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany

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