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While cruising through New York during their stop for the Between The Sheets Tour, BFF’s Chris Brown and Tyga stopped by Hot 97 with Nessa to discuss a few trending topics at hand like; YMCMB, Drake, Amber Rose rant, Kylie Jenner, Fan of A Fan 2 album and so much more.

A few things that we learned from this interview:

  1. Chris says they’re not giving Drake anymore publicity. There is no check involved for talking about him.
  2. While maintaining a monogamous relationship, Chris likes a gang of females backstage in his room with “everyone” around, including Karrueche so that she can keep an eye on him firsthand, as he “looks” freely. 
  3. Chris has the perfect “Drake Voice.” (LOL)
  4. Tyga & Chris just can’t stand “fake Drake.”
  5. T & C are loyal friends — they trust each other. 
  6. T & C has a movie in production based off a throwback theme of House Party.
  7. Tyga speaks what he feels in his heart, i.e about Kylie via instagram. Says it’s no one’s business and he can express it now or later in life, if he wants to.
  8. Tyga likes being around and hanging around Kylie, which he feels is his business; not Amber’s. 
  9. Chris could not turn down the twerkisms of Amber. Says it wouldn’t go any further than that. 

Peep the FULL interview below:

We gotta admit, the bond between Chris and Tyga is great. Hopefully, they remain great friends and keep the good music coming! Much respect to them.


-Stay Fly!

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