Jas Prince To Birdman: You Made $40 Million Off of Drake, Where’s My Cut?


Well, it seems as if Birdman is still holding on to more paper!

Rapper Drake was discovered by Jas Prince (son of J. Prince) who has now filed new legal docs demanding that Cash Money open the books on the millions of dollars Drake has generated for the label. The question is, where is the book?

The reason for Jas’ approach through the law pertains to his promise of pay from the rapper’s profits via the label itself. So far, Prince has only seen $2 million, which was his finder’s fee alone. To date, YMCMB has made a reported $40 million off of Drake.

At this point, Jas is reaching for the books to see what the problem may be. Mind you, Young Turk and Lil Wayne are also looking for answers and money, and have both filed lawsuits.

I guess the label should change the name from Young Money Cash Money to Old Money Short Money. There seems to be a shortage in these Birdman streets.

We’re just going to leave this song right here…

Hopefully, all of this can be worked out.

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