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Lack of knowledge will always get you played… Deprive us of reading and writing and let us do the dirty work. We finally learn how to read and they deny us the right to be great: no voting, no protesting, no voice. We progress to be on an equal playing field and we unconsciously embarrass ourselves?

Considering this is thee Beyoncé, what she wore has spiked racism all over the net. Yoncé kicked it court side at the NBA All-Star Game with Hov, wearing a custom Scooter LaForge Customed Painted Trench ($320), which was hand-painted with what seems to be a “coon image.” A mockery: white people dressed and painted as blacks as “entertainment.” Some are describing the black-face character as Sambo.

The derisive term Sambo refers to African American males in a manner that is commonly viewed as racist and unacceptable. The long career of the Sambo stereotype is an important window into the history of black-white U.S. race relations. The term itself is a form of denigration and represents a stereotype that has been used variously to justify the inhumane treatment of slaves, provide a rationale for Jim Crow segregation, and, most often, to pander to the basest racist impulses in the United States to entertain white popular audiences. The Sambo stereotype has had several iterations in U.S. popular culture, ranging from children’s literature to minstrel shows of the slavery and post–Civil War eras, radio, motion pictures, television, and dining establishments. In addition, the Sambo stereotype also has a controversial career in the work of academics who studied slavery, particularly Stanley Elkins’s 1959 publication Slavery. This characterization of black men as passive buffoons was creatively challenged in Spike Lee’s 2000 movie Bamboozled.



Interesting enough, a fan of @theshaderoom shed light that in the 1920’s there was an actual restaurant called Coon Chicken Inn that sold Southern Fried Coon Chicken Sandwiches. Of course, Coon Chicken Inn hired blacks, but refused to serve them. Further research shows, their logo portrays a blue eyed black guy.

So, now the question is: Does Bey know about coon imagery? Does she know what was depicted and its origin? We don’t think for a second that had Beyoncé known the symbolism, she would have promoted such a thing.


9 times out of 10, we get humiliated because of what we don’t know, oppose to what we do. Detail is key and we have to pay attention.



Scooter Laforge seems extremely grateful but, what was the intent here?

thank you beyonce


It’s Black History Month.

Stay Fly!

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