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Kendall Jenner Bares Booty for 'Love' Magazine Following Kim Kardashian

Boobs and Tittays, Kendall Jenner bares it all in the latest issue of Love Magazine Spring 2015 issue!

Recently, Kim Kardashian‘s Prada ad campaign went completely viral, showing Kimmy in a rather unusual position with a cig in-hand, heel in flower pot, and baring all of her backside, yet again.

Not to mention, Kim K is in Love Magazine like…

Kim said, you will catch ALL this greatness this year! Lol!

Now, the young Kendall Jenner gets to have a little fun as well. The budding Kardashian seed was featured in Love Magazine delivering skin proteins and rocking not one eye brow in sight.

But of course, due to the nature of art and photography, the fashion story takes on a juxtaposed expression, providing a more exaggerated side of Kendall. So, little KJ is not showing anything at all.

Take a peep below…
Do you think this is a little too racy for Kendall right now?
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