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Black Entertainment is about an understatement now wouldn’t you agree? Being Mary Jane has the net talking up a storm! As we get reintroduced to our girl MJ, lets recap last night’s episode.

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We last left off with Mary finally letting the reigns go off her on again off again honey David. This love frenzy was a bit trippy we thought, as we watched the two struggle with letting pride get in the way of real feelings. Like you could have guessed it, time moved against hope, and now life led them both in two opposite directions. Looks like that turkey based baby  MJ Reneged on has made its way to David’s new girlfriend and Mary Jane was getting ready to look like just another side chick, again. Luckily by the power invested in wine (or maybe it was tequila), she stopped herself and it was all over from there. So we thought.

Jumping in the ring with season two, although Mary did the right thing by giving herself (along with us) some potential “closure”, if you ever been in love with someone, and we mean really, REALLY in love, then you should have seen all of the backlash coming once little Ol’ Starsky went flying out the window.

RIP Starsky

We hope you find your Hutch in that big fish bowl in the sky Starsky.


Now back to the house , the book club scene/dinner party/political debate with surrounding friends, colleagues, and family. Blame it on the alcohol if you must but a drunk mind speaks a sober soul is what they say and well, just one more cup and things can turn ugly really fast. Which you know they did! How on earth did a conversation about America pull out the phrase “Ya whack off in your parent’s house”? Ouch MJ! Ouch! Pay backs a B**** and she’ll feel it over the next day or so.

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