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Singer/Songwriter/TV Host Adrienne Bailon gets a little emotional on her show The Real, as she explains why her love for singing is diminishing.

The music industry today, tends to put much pressure on artists, and quite frankly, if your not trending and/or charting numbers, then your considered to be wack in the eye of music on-lookers.

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Because of the pressure “to be great” in music, anxiety has sure kicked for the veteran pop/soul star. From the 3LW to Cheetah Girls, Adrienne has had quite the career that every girl dreams of on a daily. Now, in the process of wanting to jump start her solo singing career back in action, Bailon admits that she is just simply; scared. At age 31, the singer confesses that she doesn’t like the way her voice sounds, currently, and that she may fail at the task of music.

In the video, Adrienne says:

“For a long time, I think when I finished Cheetah Girls, I got a record deal with Def Jam and it didn’t go the way I thought it was gonna go,” she said. “There was so much more to music than just what I loved about music. I grew up singing in church. I sing every day but nobody knows it. I love to sing! I felt like the music biz is different than when I got in the game at 16 years old. It was about music and talent and singing. And to step out on my own and let my voice be heard, I’m scared. “What if people don’t like it? What if it’s not successful? I almost have been saying I would rather it not come out and just say, well, it never came out than for it come out and be wack. It also felt like at a certain time when I was doing my music, every other door kept opening up for me, but not music.”

Peep the full clip below:

We think that Adrienne should take her own advice, as Tamara Mowry stated, and to “never live your life with What If’s.” Secondly, she should definitely adhere to Tamar Braxton‘s statement, as the budding artist has been through what Adrienne is dealing with at this very moment.

Step out on faith Adrienne! We got your back! Your voice is amazing!


Real quick: Peep this clip of Adrienne having a little fun at Karaoke night covering a Bonnie Tyler tune. Mind you, she’s playing around and still sounds good!…

-Stay Fly!


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