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Fantastic Four Reboot

Well what a pleasant surprise, 20th Century Fox has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot finally!

The film has been talked about and scrutinized ever since its controversial cast was announced, mainly the casting of Michael B. Jordan as the historically white hot-head Johnny Storm. For those still complaining about that we say to you , GET OVER IT. Now with that said we get a small glimpse at what we can expect to see when the movie hits theaters this summer. Not much is revealed but we get a peek at The Thing (Jamie Bell), Human Torch, Mr Fantastic (Miles Teller) and The Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) in being a little fantastic.  Peep the trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot below.

It’s a teaser in its truest form not really revealing too much, and leaves you with more questions than answers. We are excited for the film and its young cast. Hopefully Josh Trank can help us forget those other Fantastic Four movies with his fresh new spin on the franchise. The Fantastic Four hits theaters this summer 8/7/15!

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