Happy 20th Birthday to “This Is How We Do It”!


The Montell Jordan classic turns 20 years old this year and he has teamed up with Pepsi and Buffalo Wild Wings for Super Bowl XLIX to put on a special performance of the song for fans to see who was most “Hyped For Halftime”. Montell and the crew set up shop in Oakdale, Minnesota at the local Buffalo Wild Wings with cheerleaders, background singers, a full band and the stage and put on the live performance for unsuspecting fans. For a 20-year comeback of his most popular song, his performance wasn’t too bad.

Check it out!


The 90’s star also took to his Instagram to share some behind the scenes shots of him with his band and fans.


HOWEVER, this wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t show y’all the original of the 1995 classic, “This Is How We Do It” just to make sure you feel really really old. Thank us later!




-Stay FLY

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