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It seems as though Robert Sylvester Kelly aka R. Kelly wanted to celebrate his 48th birthday in a major way. Well…major in his book.



The veteran singer-songwriter held bible study in one of his hotel rooms, the club and the bus with a few of the deacons, usher board members and choir members, and they celebrated the life of Jesus in the most epic way possible. Satan was literally at the study as well pouring Grey Goose in his communion cup.


As R. Kelly laid himself to sleep, he woke up the next morning with a bed full of women, who lost a few of their garments during last night’s bible reading festivities. Yes, the spirit was in the room.

R. Kelly had no clue of his holy night and was quite confused as to what happened.

Take a look below and get a play-by-play as Kelly ushers in the spirit:

On a serious note, R. Kelly has worked so hard to maintain his name in this music industry. After viewing this video and hearing the God-awful song, it’s quite clear that Kelly on the great path of ruining his career. To even go so far as to sound like another current rap artist has to be the most embarrassing thing ever, especially since you’ve created your own sound. We’re complete fans but this…has to stop.

Dear R. Kelly, get it together homie. You. Look. Crazy.


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