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Last night President Barack Obama gave his State Of The Union Speech to the nation. However, as usual, President Obama was upstaged by his wife, Michelle Obama, her amazing hair and her uber amazing outfit.

First lady was on #FLEEK

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Our first lady chose an elegant grey zip tweed blazer/skirt suit from famed American designer, Michael Kors.

and her hair?




And, as per the normal routine of this fashionista, her outfit sold out in less than 30 minutes after the #SOTU aired.

Because she’s FLY like that though.

Michelle Obama, you’re our fly girl of the DAY!

Did you actually see the #SOTU? Check Out What Hello Beautiful had to say …

President Obama Delivers Badass Victory Lap 2015 SOTU & Hit Almost Everything We Wanted Him To Talk About

-Stay Fly!

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