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…And the saga continues…

Love and Hip Hop New York gave us another episode last night full of drama! Pregnancy announcements, cheating, the birth of a baby, lies, broken loyalty- ya know, the usual! We wrote a post about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes …

What shocked us the most from last nights episode was the broken loyalty between Erica Mena and Cyn Santana. Fresh out of a tumultuous relationship that included a love triangle with the two ladies and Rich Dollaz, Cyn takes to Chrissy, a known enemy of Erica’s, for advice and to make the announcement of their breakup. Chrissy has made it very clear that’s she does not like Erica and even suggested that she used to “pimp” Erica in the past. For Cyn to reach out to her was the first stab in the back.
Chrissy then proceeds to suggest that Cyn work on her music with the one and only, Rich Dollaz. As y’all know, Erica will forever be madly in love with him. For Cyn to work with Rich, it shows a very calculated move at making Erica jealous. Cyn has even had her own scuffle with Rich Dollaz in earlier seasons because of the suspicion that Erica and Rich were cheating (which actually ended up being true). Ooo honey…
So anyway, Cyn makes a meeting with Rich to discuss music. He accepted the meeting and the two sat at the table giggling with each other and talking about future plans on making a record in the studio together. Stab in the back number 2, with the setup for future stabs as their relationship grows.
Rich later meets up with Erica and tells her that he will very soon on be working with Cyn in the studio and Erica exploded. Is anyone surprised? Anybody? Didn’t think so.
Where do we draw the lines? Would you go behind your ex’s back and deal with their enemies to make them jealous after a breakup?

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