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Amber Rose Thirst Trap Queen

We are still fresh into the new year and Amber Rose is taking no prisoners on Instagram. For the past few days folks have been locked in on the vixen’s page to see what she’s going to do for an encore after she flexed on all haters in a sting bikini on the gram.

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It appears Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have two things in common now, 1. They both dated Kanye West (Kim is still married to Kanye) and 2. They successfully broke the internet.

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There wasn’t a timeline on Instagram and Twitter who didn’t see the blonde bombshell and all of her assets flash across their phone screens as they scrolled. Sometimes back to back and we completely understand as it was a sight to behold and had to be shared.


Amber is making a strong case to be the thirst trap queen early, and she has the approval of her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa who even acknowledged himself  just how hot his ex-wife is after she posted the photos. OF COURSE there are those who are just appalled by Amber’s lack of clothing in her Instagram post. They were quick to remind Amber that she is somebody’s mom (sighs). Muva Rosebud responded to all of her critics in the best way possible by posting more pics with barely anything on. We are quite sure baby Bash is in good hands while mommy is out having a good time with her friends. Just think, we are still just in January, there are still 11 more months for Amber to be great the gram. With that said we chose her greatest thirst trap moments so far that honestly could just land her the crown right now!


Keep on trapping Amber!

Image Via: Instagram

Peep them in the gallery below…

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