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Funny but fly visual of Nancy Grace, the host of HLN, debating with hip-hop artist 2 Chainz about the legalization of marijuana.

A guy pawns his camcorder and on it the Pawn shop owner finds a video of the guy forcing his 2 year old daughter to smoke weed out of a bowl. Nancy plays the clip for 2 Chainz and he immediately says “that was for crack”, meaning he pawned the camcorder for crack. Yes I said crack, the drug. Far out, huh? Apparently, in the “urban community” where 2 Chainz is from pawn shops are highly “associated with a drug known as crack.” Tity boy supposes the video was a result of the guy being high on crack.

2 Chainz (whose lyrics capture his high lifestyle) clearly beats around the bush, and blames everything on crack, when crack is not the topic of conversation. Nancy suggests that not only the guy in the video is a bad influence, but 2 Chainz may be, as well. Nancy then goes on to recite some of 2 Chainz lyrics:
“Smoking California weed with California whores’ — excuse me, ‘true’. I left that out.”
2 Chainz responds:
Funny guy.
Fly or high?
-Stay Fly!
[Fly Girl Shayna]

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