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You are in for a treat! Both, V Bozeman and Ginette Claudette deliver two captivating visuals that will leave you speechless. V and Ginette are also connected to two of the industry’s most epic producers as well. Check it out below, as they bare their hearts and minds in song, while visually delivering the focus on…Love.


Just on the opening scene of the much-anticipated television series, EMPIRE, starlet and singing sensation V Bozeman stunned on-lookers with her amazing voice. Just seconds into the populated show, fans immediately asked: “Who is she? She sounds incredible.”


Singer/Actress/Model V once appeared on your TV and computer screens about 3 years ago when she collaborated with singer/songwriter Timothy Bloom on his hit single “Til’ The End of Time.” In the video, the two were face-to-face, skin-to-skin, and delivered the most electrifying vocals that many haven’t seen and/or heard in a very long time. Think D’angelo‘s year 2000 cut, “How Does It Feel.”

Bozeman is now the female protege of hit-maker Timbaland, post-leaving the grasps of singer and The Voice‘s past judge, Cee-lo Green.

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Timabaland now holds the current position as EMPIRE’s Songwriter/Song Producer. So, why not add his musical gem into the mix to gain recognition for her unbelievable talent? It was just perfect timing and we feel it was finally time for America to hear her reign.

Check out V’s riveting visual clip of EMPIRE’s theme song:

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