FLY Recap: From Ramen Noodles, Half-Breed, Having No Edges to Buying A New “P”, The Shade Was Real on RHOA


We’re sure you all have seen, or at least heard about the epic battle between Nene Leaks and Claudia Jordan on The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night. So many reads with several degrees of shade were thrown around in so many different directions, we could barely keep up!


“Queen” Nene is one of the original cast members and is the shadiest of them all. Season after season, we have watched Mrs. Leakes insult and offend her cast mates and others with her nasty attitude and rude comments about being successful and rich. We are over it and so is Claudia.



The ladies take a trip to Puerto Rico and just as they sit down for dinner on their first day- the drama unfolds. Claudia seemed tired of all of the shady comments and random arguments happening around the table and announced that the women should just be mature and discuss everything instead of being bitchy and catty. That’s when Nene jumps in and acts surprised that Claudia spoke up and has a brain (shade) and then calls her a “half-breed” because she is bi-racial (shade), and it all went downhill from there…

Take a sip…

For those of you at work who can’t watch this video, our friends at have kindly provided us with the juicy transcript:

“I’ve never seen women act so immature,” said Jordan. “Rude, disrespectful … bitchy.”

“You have your own brain?” asked Leakes, referencing Kenya Moore’s influence over Jordan.

“Coming from the woman who is the puppet master,” said Jordan. “Bitch, I ain’t no puppet.”

“You wish you had what I had in the bank, darling,” replied Leakes.

“I pay my own bills. I don’t get on a pole … Never been arrested,” replied Jordan.

“I’m in my 40s,” said Leakes.

“We look 20 years apart,” said Jordan. “You had edges [when you were my age].

“Claudia is reading NeNe like hooked on phonics,” said Kandi Burruss.


Until Leakes went for the knockout punch.

“You’re a whore,” she said. “You’ve done slept with everybody [in Hollywood]. Your c— has done left your body.”

But Jordan still got in the best zinger of the night.

“NeNe’s got the George Washington wig,” Jordan said, referencing the short blonde mane she called “ramen noodles”. “She’s the founding father of shade.”

Whewwww…it got intense, y’all. It was intense. For once, someone finally put “The Queen” in her place.

Claudia who is clearly offended by the argument, takes on WWHL and says:

Why is it a negative to call me a half-breed. That was a really low-blow. That was worse than the whole ‘clit’ thing. I think.

I mean, I can’t do anything about that. Not that I want to, that’s just who I am.

BUUUUUUUUUT before y’all get all mad at Nene for what she said to Claudia, watch the first 30 seconds of this:

* side eye *…We guess Claudia got what was coming to her.

Has Nene finally met her match? Will she make Claudia disappear just like Marlo Hampton or is Claudia just playing a role and trying to leave her mark for the next 15 minutes?

Peep the Full episode:

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