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The irony of Jazmine Sullivan‘s third studio album, Reality Show, is that she already has a track that describes the essence of the entire album titled, Masterpiece.

In a musical climate of hits and misses, Mrs Sullivan provides something a bit new for her, but complete heaven for us.

Since we’ve already mentioned it, Masterpiece is clearly the break out star of the album, as the same issues that pushed Jazmine to take three plus years off from the industry are now at the center of her focus on this track. The young lady with the big voice, who once thought she was too over weight and suffered from great image issues now proclaims to be a work of art, a masterpiece.

I’m feeling exposed/ But I can’t hide no more/ I can’t hide/ As the sun shines on all of my glory/ My flaws don’t look so bad at all/ What was I so afraid of?

Every part of me is a vision/ of a portrait of Mona/ Mona Lisa/ Every part of me is beautiful

and I finally see, I’m a work of art/ A masterpiece

This track is one word. Powerful.

Unlike Jazmine’s first two albums which played her vocals as the primary gate-keeper, this album rolls out the red carpet for her strong pen game. Lyrically, she’s better than ever.  Each song on the album takes on a different persona, a different story, a different tone.

On “Mascara”, she rides over the beat disguised as a shallow trophy “wife” who never leaves the house without make-up on because her beauty is what keeps her in the passenger seat of her man’s whip, who keeps her in the “hills” and out of the “hood”. Even though new chicks pop up every day, she’s confident that as long as she’s dressed to the nines, she’ll always be “on”.

On “Brand New”, she tackles the roll of a down ass chick who has been with her “rapper” boyfriend from the inception of his career, but when his career takes off, he leaves her behind. Jazmine’s tone is modest with spurts of highs and lows as she shows her vocal ability in ways she hasn’t before.

Live instrumentation is very prevalent on the entire project which adds a fresh feel to each track, reminiscent to her amazing live performances.

On “Hood love” Jazmine turns into a Bonnie & Clyde influenced Hood Bitch;

And I’ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off

(Cause when my nigga need me you know that I got him)

I’ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off

(And I ain’t gotta worry cause I know I don’t doubt him)

My love’s so deep, so deep for my nigga

I never let him go and I swear I never quit him

And I’ma rock this bitch till the wheels fall off

(I’m rollin’ with my baby, he know that I’m ridin’)

That hood love (hood love)

Is that good love (good love)

The track is hits you like a Notorious B.I.G. track with Biggie and Kim going verse for verse. The Baby-face inspired, “Burn It Down” and the sultry “Forever Don’t Last” give veteran Sullivan just what they need, while “Veins” and “Stupid Girl” round out the perfection that this project offer. Jazmine’s complete versatility blended with her magnificent pen game, complete with her captivating voice make’s this her most compelling album do date, and edges her out of the R&B superstar platform and into the certified superstar category.

She did that.


-Stay Fly!

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