The Real Mug Shots Of Atlanta: Featuring Porsha Williams, NeNe Leakes & Marlo Hampton …

Mugshot Collage


The Real Housewives of Atlanta have proven from season to season that they all just can’t get along. They have also proven that they are not only just about red bottoms and Birkin bags, they are also about that crime life.  Throw ya sets up! With the recent arrest of Porsha Williams (again) we decided to research who else from the cast has been ‘Booked’ … here are the Real Mug Shots Of Atlanta.


Porsha Williams was recently arrested (again) she gave this public statement to  Dish Nation (her current gig). Who admitted she was detained for speeding, and driving without a license.

I was headed to visit my grandfather who is very ill with cancer in the hospital, and I was pulled over. I was wrong for speeding absolutely and apologize for putting anyone at risk. I tried to explain the situation to the officer and show him that all my paperwork was in order, but he refused. Handcuffs are not comfortable or a good look for anyone. I was released, I have my license, my car, and my freedom.

Oh. Well, TMZ is reporting that Porsha was arrested, booked and thrown in a cell again yesterday. According to the news site, she was pulled over on the interstate while driving 78 in a 55, with a suspended license. She was definitely Speeeeddding *Omarion Voice*. Her mugshot was cute tho.


Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 6.52.59 AM

This is Porsha’s second arrest and mugshot this year. If you remember, Porsha was booked earlier this year for battery after attempting to mop the reunion show floor with fellow cast mate Kenya Moore.


You got it …


Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes’ past has also been revealed as former mugshot photos surfaced recently.

The reality star, who is currently in the Broadway adaptation of Cinderella, has admitted to an arrest back in 1992, when she was then known as Linnethia Johnson.

A total of three mugshot photos have surfaced, which were taken in a period of two years after her initial arrest. The arrest were for three felony and one misdemeanor counts of ‘theft services’ from a phone company, according to MailOnline.


NeNe allegedly pled guilty to all four counts and was further ordered to pay $2,650 and put on two years probation. The site reports that she violated her probation, resulting in a further three arrests.




NeNe currently stars in the Real Housewives of Atlanta, earning $1 million plus a season. She has a been a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, Donald Trump’s Apprentice and is currently playing the evil step mother in Cinderella on Broadway, starring KeKe Palmer.

No more arrest for NeNe.


Nene mentioned her arrest in her 2009 autobiography Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.



But no Housewife has had more mugshots than RHOA season 4 favorite Marlo Hampton. And let me go on record by saying I LOVE MARLO (Rae speaking)! Not sure where the money comes from, but BABBYYYYYYYYYYY she get those fashions(s) right off the runway and we are here for it!


However, this young lady has been arrested at least 7 times with charges ranging from; Aggravated Battery w/Great Bodily Harm (twice), Violation of Probation (Three times), Obtained Property for Worthless Check, Felon in Possession of a Firearm/Violation of Probation.


Let’s just say the Real Housewives Of Atlanta don’t play.

-Stay Fly!

[Marlo collage via Michelle]

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