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A potty mouthed but very emotional Azealia Banks recently took her talents over to talk with Ebro In The Morning Show — commenting on her issues with Iggy Azalea, T.I., and our capitalistic world, period.


Nicki Minaj + Azealia Banks Get Deep and Emotional, Azealia Banks Calls T.I. a “Coon”

Banks basically says: Iggy is one of those “white people” who has partaken in reinventing a black person’s creation (hip-hop), calling it a creation of their own. She also reiterates the live statement that she made during the interview, in a tweet-form where she called T.I. a “shoe shining coon”.


She hates that T.I. is backing a white Austrailian and going against a fellow African Americans meanwhile his wife can’t read. Banks considers his priorities “f*cked up”. When speaking on capitalism and how everything is about making money using our (Black) inventions, she tears up. Guess what? Iggy responds.

Iggy sees this as Banks crying for attention and top five miserable.
Ebro also jumped into Banks’ perspective on how America treats black art. He wanted to provide her an outlet to voice her opinion because he truly thinks that people haven’t given her a chance. People assume she’s (in her words) “the crazy black bitch”, simply because she takes to social media to release her feelings. A concerned Ebro suggests she put her feelings in her music to drives sales rather than on social media for free.
Bottom line is, Azealia Banks is sick of African Americans failing in the face of white people. For decades, great discoveries and inventions that come from Africa have been reinvented and credited to a white face.
On Nicki:
Banks commends her due to her ability to do exactly what the Caucasian artist does — Takes pop music, making it her own, raking in money and bouncing right back to her natural self and simply doing what she wants. 
We think Azealia Banks has made some valid points and we like that she is voicing her opinion. Hopefully, she takes Ebro’s suggestion and run with it. Right now, she’s only making Iggy more popular just based off her rants.
Take it to the booth Banks! We can’t wait to hear.
Stay Fly!
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