They say God don’t like ugly. If you have been on your Instagram all day you probably saw a lot of people complaining about losing followers. Some lost a measly amount of followers some lost a large amount thanks to Instagram’s purging of spam and inactive accounts. One account stood out from the rest and that was the IG account of one Mason Betha aka Ma$e. puff-dady-Diddy-cmon-son-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-297

According to the numbers Mason lost 1.5 million followers leaving him at 272k. Ma$e’s followers quickly noticed the dramatic drop in his numbers and instantly started coming for the former pastor now rapper again in his comment section. Apparently Ma$e caught wind and danced his way off Instagram very quickly.


Thanks to the good folks at Baller Alert we got a nice screenshot in the huge difference in numbers.


Damn that’s a lot of “spam”accounts,did Ma$e really buy followers? Or is he just a victim of large amounts of spam accounts following him? Either way deleting your account doesn’t look good and makes you look very suspect.


According to Darnell King, Ma$e did not delete his Instagram and Twitter account to due to the Instagram purge. He proceeded to blast everyone who reported on the incident in a instagram post.

Baller alert post

Ma$e wasn’t the only noticeable figure to lose a large number of followers though, Baller Alert did some more digging peep who else suffered from the Instagram purge.

Baller alert

Akon also had his Instagram wig pushed back, from 4.3 million to 1.9 million. He’s still in the millions but that’s a large amount of followers but he didn’t quickly delete his account like Ma$e did.  We are sure some more names and suspect account numbers will also come to surface.

Do you think Ma$e purchased his followers? Or is Ma$e just a victim of spam? Sound off below.

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Source: Baller Alert

Images: Instagram

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