Drake Steals From Diddy

Apparently Diddy has been possibly waiting to put paws on Drake for months now. Today TMZ shared video footage of Diddy performing at Story Nightclub in Miami Beach with Ma$e where he called out Aubrey for being a song thief.

Diddy steals from Drake

News broke on Monday that Diddy issued Drake a serious fade outside of LIV nightclub and during the scuffle causing Drake to re-injure his shoulder and go to the ER.

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What probably even added more fuel to the fire is the fact Drake earned a Grammy nomination for the Boi-1da produced record ” 0-100″.  In The clip Diddy tells the crowd first “he gave the beat to Drake” then follows it up with “he stole this shit from me”. Very confusing to say the least watch the clip below…


Diddy‘s assault on Drake Monday morning was months in the making … because last June he told a packed nightclub in Miami that Drake stole his song … and then played it as if it were his own. Diddy was at Story Nightclub in Miami Beach … performing with Mase. Diddy never mentioned Drake by name, but made it clear he was a thief. It’s interesting … Diddy says he “gave” Drake the beat and then Drake stole it. As we reported … Diddy punched Drake hard Monday, warning him never to disrespect him again. Drake reinjured his shoulder and went to the ER.


Drake finally made an appearance after the Monday’s shenanigans via his Instagram account. In the pictures he seems to be fine despite reports, no visible bruises can be seen or a sling which might be under the robe.


They’re either talking shit about you or stealing the shit you’re talking…either way the name been poppin

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Things will only continue to get interesting from here on in now. We are looking forward to seeing how this plays out into the new year.Folks will have to continue to the read tea leaves when it comes to the relationship between Drake and Diddy.

We are still wondering if TMZ has some footage of the fight itself, for reporting purposes of course, cause we don’t condone violence :-).


Stay Fly!

Images Via: Frank Coppala/ Getty Images/ Instagram

Source: TMZ

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