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Fly Guy, Singer/Actor Rotimi is back with his new single “Lotto” off his highly anticipated EP, Rotation.

What’s Rotimi been up to since we last heard from him?

Over the last 2 years, Rotimi has had notable roles in 3 movies including the star studded Christmas film, “Black Nativity”, top 5 grossing film of 2014, “Divergent” and “Imperial Dreams” which was critically acclaimed at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival (with a Winter 2015 theater release).



In between working hard on the mentioned films, Ro took a little time to head to the studio and work on another passion of his, Music. “Lotto” the first single from his new project, is about that feeling you get after seeing that certain someone who captures your attention, and makes you feel lucky; like you’ve hit jackpot.

Take a listen..



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[Image Via Rotimi’s Instagram]

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