Blank Stare: Floyd Mayweather Wishes Everyone Happy Thanksgiving In True Mayweather Fashion

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When you think of Thanksgiving you think of family, food, heartfelt messages, just all around good will. In the case of Floyd “Money” Mayweather it’s all about the money, and how can I remind everyone I have  A LOT of it.


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Floyd once again had to let us know he is the undisputed and world renown champion of Instagram stunting on Thanksgiving, of all days. Floyd again shared a video of his grown ass being bathed by a grown woman, and had the audacity to put #HappyThanksGiving as the capture. Unbelievable. Checkout the ridiculous clip below. 


A video posted by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on


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Really Floyd? And is that Dial soap you are using? You maybe undefeated in the ring but you just took two L’s today. One for this dumb post and another for being cheap when it comes to soap. Maybe it’s time you should focus more on making the fight everyone wants to see with Manny Pacquiao happen.You are clearly a bored man, very bored.


This is really getting old Floyd. Keep this up and we might trade you at the next racial draft for a first round draft pick and Manny Pacquiao.

Stay Fly!

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