Jurassic World

What do you get when you combine DisneyLand, SeaWorld and Jurassic Park together? You get Jurassic World the worlds most happiest/dangerous theme park in the world.

Jurassic World 2

The trailer for Jurassic World was supposed to premiere on Thursday, looks like the folks at Universal couldn’t wait to show it off and let it go early. It’s been 13 years since we last roamed the dinosaur infested island of Isla Sorna. It was deserted then and left for the genetically resurrected giants to rule peacefully, BUT you know humans  can’t leave well enough alone. From the looks of things they managed to refurbish billionaire John Hammond’s prehistoric amusement park with some nice touches. Of course in true Jurassic Park fashion things go completely wrong when a genetically enhanced dinosaur goes crazy and all hell breaks loose. Chris Pratt (Guardians of The Galaxy) has to save the day now, and we are here for it. Checkout the trailer for Jurassic World below…

We need June 15th to get here ASAP!!!!!!

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