Karen CivilKaren Civil’s story on how she rose from the intern ranks at Hot 97 to now being a “Cultural Artige'”is no doubt an inspirational one. While in NYC on her Live Civil College Tour she stopped by Power 105.1’s morning show The Breakfast Club.

“Young Oprah”  as Charlamagne appropriately dubbed her sat down with the worlds most dangerous morning show and explained to the world what exactly does she do. Karen also spoke on how she became an “online media coordinator” for Lil’Wayne and Young Money through a chance encounter with Mack Maine.She broke down how it all started with working with Tyga at the time, setting up press runs for the young artist when he visited NYC. That eventually led to her working with YMCMB’s other artist on the roster and Lil’ Wayne.Unfortunately Wayne got locked up and that’s when she had the brilliant idea to start a Facebook page for Wayne and the “Weezy Thanks You” campaign. It was great way for Wayne to connect with fans by responding to letters that was written to him while he was incarcerated as well as promote his new album at the time “Rebirth”. Karen was instrumental in Wayne’s huge online presence, other folks quickly took notice of her once they saw what she was able to do with Lil’ Wayne’s brand.

Karen also touched on her recent trip to her native country of Haiti, where she attended the groundbreaking for the Live Civil Project Play World Park through a program called ProDev. Karen is also the U.S. ambassador for Sow A Seed a Miami based Haitian-American organization who help young orphans in Haiti. Gotta love that!

Ms.Civil also touched on her new book Live Civil: 5 Ways of Unlocking Your Potential being released through the Cash Money Content brand. She also touched on briefly her love life, and of course her #LiveCivil college tour which she is currently on. We had the privilege of checking it out at NYU and it was amazing. Checkout Karen’s whole interview below.


We are extremely proud of Karen, and love to see her continue to accomplish great things inspiring others especially young women along the way. Like Charlamagne said, How could you not love Karen Civil?

Tour Dates For The Live Civil College Tour

December 4th – Western Michigan University (MI)

December 10th – Kansas City, MO – Women Empowerment Wednesday

December 11th –New York City, NY – HerAgenda

December 13th – Philadelphia, PA – Brown Girls Building Brands Brunch

December 28th – Cleveland, OH – Lunch with a Vision

More Dates To Be Announced

Purchase Tickets  On LivingCivil.Com

Stay Fly!

Images Via: Power 105.1/ Bernard Smalls/ Instagram

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