The Word: Bill Cosby Met With Standing Ovations As More Women Accuse Him Of Rape…

Bill Cosby Performs At Hard Rock Live!


Troubled veteran comedy star Bill Cosby, received a standing ovation at one of his live shows in Florida this weekend as he faces growing allegations of rape and sexual assault made publicly by a new total of seventeen women.

Raising a clenched fist, 77-year-old Cosby was cheered on at his standup comedy show in Melbourne, Florida, on Friday night, where die-hard fans turned up in great numbers to support the television superstar known as “America’s Dad”.

But by Saturday a 13th woman, Kristina Ruehli, had identified herself and yet more details emerged from others accusing him of sexual aggression and rape from the 1960s up to 2005.

The number of women who have, either anonymously or openly accused Cosby has risen to 17. And a large number of them are talking on camera.

We’ve kept it quite about this subject since the first allegations arose, because of course, we’d like to work with facts.

We’d also like to separate the man from the brand, as sometimes, the two are not the same.

Bill Cosby will forever be a staple in American Entertainment Culture, and as this situation proceeds, we hope his legacy stays in tact, because his many, many accomplishments cannot and should not be swept under a rug due to his personal decisions.

But … we shall see.

-Stay Fly!

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