Charli XCX Gets Funky & Fly with Colors on Seventeen Magazine’s Dec/Jan Issue


Clad in colorful designer pieces from the likes of Christian Siriano, House of Holland, CH Carolina Herrera, Moschino Cheap & Chic and more, pop star Charli XCX rocks the cover of Seventeen Magazine‘s Dec./Jan. issue. Charli was laced from head-to-toe by our Fly Friend, stylist Jason Rembert. Peep more looks from the exclusive shoot and interview quotes below…



Charli XCX on what her plans are for her music career:

“I’m going to build an empire. I’m always writing for someone else. I want to be someone who has her fingerprints all over the pop charts.”


On what it means to be ‘cool’:

“When you’re growing up I think there’s this idea that the coolest people are the ones who are really rude and feverish.  But I’ve come to realize that isn’t cool.  I think the best people are the ones who are just as nice and fun.  This is really cheesy, but you only have one life – why spend most of it pretending to be cool?”


On how she defines her style:

“I don’t make punk music—I make pop that’s inspired by elements if punk. For me, as a person, am I punk? In the sense that I do what I want and I enjoy going against the norm, I suppose I am.”


She got her start when club promoters heard her first song, Dinosaur Sex and she started performing at raves:

“My parents knew and would actually come with me.  So it was like a weird attempt at rebellion that turned into a family outing.  But these were like real, full-on raves and there were lots of drugs and stuff.  My mum was kind of freaking out, but they would stand at the back and watch me perform from afar.  It was kind of strange, but also cool that they wanted to be a part of it and they were looking out for me.”

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