SFPL Exclusive Interview: Actress Angell Conwell Speaks On Ex-Boyfriend Omar Gooding, Struggles of Black Hollywood, Claire Huxtable & more



South Carolina native and seasoned actress Angell Conwell, chats it up with SFPL! Being featured in several movies, hit sitcoms, soap operas, and music videos; Angel speaks on the topic of black actors in Hollywood, ex-boyfriend Omar Gooding, her Family Time character “Lisa Stallworth” being compared to “Claire Huxtable” and more.

SFPL: What a ride you have been on for the past few year’s! We are so excited to see you on our screen!

How has your ride in the film and television industry been so far?

It’s been eventful and unpredictable (Lol!). Of course, I have a vision, and plan but sometimes life takes us in a better direction than we could have planned. Other times, it takes us on a complete detour that seems less than pleasant but has a tendency to work out. God has a miraculous way of brining things together exactly as they should, in perfect time.

We’re sure you are familiar with reality shows like “Hollywood Divas” (on TV One!) highlighting the life and struggles of black actresses in Hollywood. Do you agree with the plight of black actresses?

We all face challenges. Of course, being that I was born a black female — I am mainly familiar with the challenges that we face. Especially, being in an industry that doesn’t cater to us. We have to work harder, longer, and be much better than most to even be noticed. And then to stay consistently working. To consistently be a part of quality productions…Struggle is putting it mildly. Words can’t really describe all that we go through, but I do my best to stay solution oriented. It’s definitely not always a breeze.


You are currently playing an attorney on the #1 daytime drama “The Young And The Restless” on CBS where your character is described as, very skilled, “sharp as a tack”, and self assured. How does that compare to who you are in actuality?

I have my moments (Lol!). I can be all of those things at different times. Some days I feel like I have super powers, and on the same token, I have days where I feel like I cant hold it together. That’s when my faith brings me through.

Jumping over to your role on “Family Time” how would you compare your role as “Lisa Stallworth” to one of the most influential black mothers on television, “Clair Huxtable”?

Whoa! I really wouldn’t. That’s the type of pressure I’m not prepared for. Clair Huxtable is…Clair Huxtable! No one compares. But I throughly enjoy Lisa Stallworth. She’s a mother, fun, vulnerable, forgiving, witty, clumsy observant, passionate, loving, sexy (for her husband), sensitive and tough…all at the same time. Dynamic. Love the fact that Bentley Evans created her.

What is it like to share the screen with Omar Gooding who was your boyfriend in the movie “Baby Boy”, your once boyfriend in real life (*insert cute laugh and playful side-eye*), and now your TV husband?

I feel like it’s the perfect scenario because we still have a solid friendship. When we were together, folks would mention that we needed a show, because we shared a great chemistry and were constantly laughing, and cracking jokes. Now some years have passed, and we still do! A true blessing since he’s such a talented person.


Any chance you two will rekindle your relationship?

We were together for about 3 or 4 years. That was my first serious relationship. It’s been so long. He’s in a relationship. I’ve moved on in that aspect as well. And he’s someone that will forever be special to me and hopefully an eternal friend. But now we focus on maintaining the television relationship… Hopefully that last for at least several more seasons. Lol!

So what is next for Angell? What do you have in your plans for 2015? 

More great entertainment. I have several things on the menu. Time will reveal!

What is something about you that we do not know?

I grew up as an only child and I have a bit of a shy bone…Actually, I can be extremely shy. But I’m working on it. Most people that meet me say they would’ve never guessed. So, I guess that’s a good thing.

If you were stranded on a desert island- NO! Scratch that! If you were stranded in the middle of the wilderness alone with no phone service, a car, Wifi, or lip gloss, what would you need to survive?

A mustard seed of faith. I would definitely need to figure out a way to locate some water. The thirst would be real.


Special thanks to Angell for speaking with us! It was a pleasure! 

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