The Daily Word: Keyshia Cole Sued, Kim Kardashian Showed Off The Goods For Free 99!

unnamedKeyshia Cole seems to be in the news these days for everything but music. Keyshia Cole is being sued by the woman she allegedly attacked in her boyfriend/ Cash Money CEO Baby’s West L.A. building.StarTrekFacePalm

Fighting over Baby? Really? Daniel is somewhere laughing at this very moment. Peep the entertaining details on the whole situation from TMZ below.

The woman attacked by Keyshia Cole in Birdman‘s L.A. penthouse says the singer was dead wrong to accuse her of banging Bird, because their relationship was “strictly plutonic.”

Yes, the lawsuit is entertaining. You’ll recall back in September Keyshia showed up at Birdman’s
West L.A. building at 5 AM and found her Cash Money CEO/boyfriend there with Sabrina Mercadel.

According to the police report, Keyshia went crazy, scratching her face, beating her and screaming, “Who the f*** are you?  What are you doin’ with my man?”

The lawsuit states … Keyshia insinuated Sabrina was a hooker, saying, “You can get your money later,” then slapping her on the butt.

Sabrina’s lawyer repeatedly protests that his client was NOT in a romantic relationship with Birdman … the attorney calls the relationship “plutonic”

Why couldn’t she have been filming for her reality show then, this definitely would have been good television. Keyshia get your life together.


Now in more Kim Kardashian news, yes there’s more. Kim Kardashian may have #broketheinternet again last night. Pictures from her now infamous shoot with Paper Magazine surfaced with Kim Kardashian showing all of the goods and not just her bare ass.

12 Kim Kardashian MeMes That Broke The Internet ….


We thought that cover was a lot, we apparently didn’t see anything yet when photos of Kim fully nude and oiled up hit the internet. Were we surprised though? Nah not really, we have seen her naked so much to the point we know where beauty marks are. What was really surprising was the fact Kim decided to go all in for FREE.

The Daily Word: Naya Rivera Reads Kim K, Chelsea Handler Mimics Kim K’s Paper Mag Cover.


Via TMZ:

Kim Kardashian’s ass is the biggest news in the world today — and that’s only somewhat overstated — but her wallet remains the same size … because we know she got bupkis for the pic.

Our sources at Paper Magazine say … Kim’s sole motivation was working with famed photog Jean-Paul Goude. The mag does not have the money to pay Kim her market value, so compensation was never really an option.

We now know the shoot went down during Paris Fashion Week in September. The plan was to shoot just one cover, but she and JPG hit it off so well they “got creative” and shot a lot more.

We’re told there’ll be more pics coming out later this week.

If the Internet survives until then, of course.

Well one thing’s for sure what Kim didn’t get in form of dollars, she sure did make up for it  in the form of exposure. If it’s one thing the Kardashians know how to do is, it’s getting people talking about them. Whether it’s good press or bad, people are still talking and the Kardashian empire just keeps generating the bucks. Take a look at the NSFW images below…

Screen-Shot-2014-11-13-at-6.33.08-AM Screen-Shot-2014-11-13-at-6.36.49-AM

There are reportedly more images , oh we will be on the lookout for those as well.



Is Kim K doing too much? Or should we be used to this from her by now? Let us know what you think below…

Stay Fly!

Images Via: TMZ/Paper Magazine

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  1. These clips underneath though??! LML!! Sorry keish take a plane full of seats.. U better than that ma. Kim.. U already know she love the attention. No question. Looking forward to these new pics.(grabs popcorn)

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