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Kim Kardshian Crops Tyga Out of Instagram Picture After a Photo Was Taken at French Montana’s Birthday Bash?


Well, it appears that allegedly Kim Kardashian is not ok with the love-pairing of sister Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga. Peep more of the story below…

#Family #HappyBdayFrench

Une photo publiée par Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


While enjoying the birthday festivities held in rapper French Montana‘s honor for his official birthday, Kim used her iPhone techniques after a picture was snapped of the gang, which includes; Kim herself, Kris, French, Khloe, Kylie, and…Tyga.


But…it’s looks like Tyga didn’t quite make the cut…


The original pic that was taken, included the suspected boo of Kylie Jenner. But in rare shade form, Kim had a little of cropping — #IDFWU in mind.


Yes, this was definitely a bowl of Swerve Soup with a side of French’s Mac-n-Cheese.

According to TMZ:

Sources directly connected to Kim tell TMZ … her issue has nothing to do with her 17-year-old sister dating a 24-year-old. In fact … we’re told Kim says she’s in the dark as to whether the relationship is even physical.

But for Kim … it boils down to allegiance. One of her best friends is Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby mama. We’re told Kim feels like both Kylie and Tyga should have been more respectful and realized they were putting her in the middle of an impossible situation.

Kim made her feelings clear with the photo at French Montana’s birthday party Sunday … where she cropped Tyga out of the pic.

Kim is saying her sister in a way is violating “the code” — you don’t date the ex of someone who’s close to you or a family member. That said … Kim makes it clear she loves Kylie and has her back, but she thinks Kylie is making a bad choice.


I guess Kim was quite serious about the hastag “#Family.”

But what about the French, rapper Trina and Khloe connection? Isn’t it the same scenario? Or did we miss something? 

We have a lot of questions. We need a family meeting stat!


Do you think Kylie is wrong for allegedly dating Tyga?

Do you think Kim K has the right to speak on loyalty?


Take your thoughts to the comment section and let us know! GO!

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