Do We Like? : Is This The New Kanye West X Adidas Collaboration?


Could this image that recently surfaced be Kanye West’s highly anticipated sneaker collaboration with Adidas? Well the guy who took the picture says it is in fact Kanye’s forthcoming sneaker and that does look like Yeezy from the side profile.

gazeWe have been giving the picture a long hard gaze trying to figure if we rock with this design or not. To be fair to Kanye that could be just a sample of the sneaker and not the finished product, we hope that is the case cause we are on the fence with this one. If that is indeed the next Yeezy, shoe Kanye seems to be going in the sneaker/boot direction with the signature Yeezy strap. If you’ve seen Kanye as of late, and we are quite sure you have, he only seems to be rocking his favorite Bottega Veneta buffalo leather chelsea boots (pictured below).  That might be changing sooner than we think though if Yeezy season is soon upon us.



Not as impressive as his last two sneakers, BUT we know it will still be as highly coveted as them. It seems anything Kanye puts his signature fashion stamp on moves, so we shall see when the sneaker arrives this winter if he still has the magic. What say you Fly Gals and Gents, are you feeling Yeezy’s new shoe? If in fact it is the new Yeezy of course.  Let us know in the comments below.

Stay Fly!

Photo: Upscale Hype


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