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It’s been a pretty good week for the folks at Marvel Studios and comic book enthusiasts. Yesterday they unveiled Phase 3 of their upcoming movie line up, and now we get this exclusive clip from next summer’s blockbuster film The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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In the new clip, which is also another spin on the trailer released last week The Avengers are chilling at their HQ presumably. Tony Stark doesn’t buy into the whole whoever lifts Thor’s mighty hammer Mjölnir will posses his power spiel. Tony of course being the cocky guy we love decides to give it a try first with his regular strength then with a little help from the Iron Man armor. All to no avail, even War Machine and Captain America get in on the act as well. I give Cap some credit though he made the hammer move a little ,Thor did worry a bit once he saw that.

tumblr_ne6xqhmLfr1qg1zuyo1_500tumblr_ne6xqhmLfr1qg1zuyo2_500It’s all good until Ultron decides to crash the party, clearly ruining the evening.

ultron-5Checkout the cool clip below…

The Avengers suit up again May 2015!


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