FLY NEWS: Chadwick Boseman Lands Lead Role As Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’


Well true believers as Stan Lee would say looks like Marvel has granted your wish. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation the ‘Black Panther‘ is heading to the big screen finally and standout actor Chadwick Boseman is taking on the role.


Marvel revealed today that the ‘Get On Up’ actor will not only be playing the role of T’Challa king of the fictional African nation Wakanda in the next Captain America movie but also in a stand alone film. This makes Chadwick the first leading role of color to helm a Disney/Marvel film. Don’t worry Wesley you still get props from us here too for ‘Blade’ you are not forgotten.  Marvel Studios also revealed a first look at a concept drawing of what Wakanda’s hero will look like , take a peak below.


Looks very official and definitely fly! #WELike and are very excited. Most importantly we are excited to see one of our favorite superheroes of color make it to the big screen. Marvel Studios did a great job casting Chadwick, he’s successfully portrayed Jackie Robinson and James Brown. We are sure he won’t let the comic book fans down when he dons the costume of The Black Panther.


Stay Fly!

Source/Images: ComicbookMovie.Com

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