SFPL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: LIL’ MO Talks, Divorce The Second Time Around, Beyonce, Baby Mommas & Her Favorite R&B Divas Cast Mate(s) With SFPL…

Fresh off the heels of the explosive reunion of R&B Divas LA Season 2, Songstress Lil’ Mo, stopped by the offices of SFPL to chop it up with us about; How hard was it telling her kids about her second divorce, Her take on the new era of music, Her favorite R&B Divas cast member, and of course, new music!

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On the new era of music:

“Just my whole background from when I started in the game, how I started; Just my whole background like that 90’s era. We’ll never get that back, it’s over with. We are in the era of the Young Thugs and the Rich Homie Quans; and I really like that music but they can get away with it because it’s rap, but when it’s the R&B side, when people are like you’re not going to hit any of the notes, none of the notes? Just like none of it? You’re not even going to attempt to…Now you’re playing with my job. So thats when I dust off my cape, you know what I mean, and come back and put out an album and stuff like that, because I thank God, that I’ve still been able to maintain my range, if not learn more and still listen to and practice and study.”
On Balance, Beyonce & Baby Mommas:

“Til this day, I’m just like my balance is my imperfections and my imbalance. It’s just like how do I do it all, like literally no sleep, barely you know like trying to find a time, can I get a little something to eat because my blood sugar low. You know what I’m saying, just, you just have to make time. It’s just like with everything, I asked for this, I asked for it back, so it’s just like you know I got to make it work. With the children, It’s like oh excuse me for a minute, my daughter just got home from school let me make sure she’s good… So that’s my balance would you take a second to check up on it. You know, Beyonce preached that thing. She said check up on it, and she checked up on it. That’s how I balance it, plus I have a great foundation, I really thank God for my foundation now because before it was just like well I got to be Lil Mo to this and that and that but now I have both families. Like, I have a complete family, I’ve added to my tribe, not only do I have my 4 but I have my husband’s 3, so we have 7 kids! You can call me Carol after this! I love children so as long as people baby mothers don’t be acting up, we good.”
On Her Blended Family: 
“…the stuff that my sons and my kids do are just turnt. So just for us to blend together and they get along. You wouldn’t be able to tell that they come from separate walks of life, households and stuff like that. It’s like they are all crazy and they’re all within the same age bracket so it just make for a perfect blend and if God be for us, you will see a lot of that because we are about to start filming the third season of R&B Divas LA. So you’ll be able to see my balance, you didn’t really see it second season because it was a lot going on…”
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