The Word: K. Michelle Dropped From New Management After Two Months…

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Welp, looks like firecracker K. Michelle‘s mouth may have gotten her in to trouble again, this time with her brand new management team.

Sources tell us that K has been dropped after just two months. This comes after she was released from long time manager Jeff Robinson‘s MBK Management after making unflattering remarks about the company via social media. K., We love you, but you gotta learn when to zip it.

We are sure K will take to social media to air out her former management in 3…2…

In Amazing K. Michelle news, Her new reality show, “My Life” debuts on VH1 November 3rd at 9pm Est.

-Stay Fly!

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  1. That is a lot of these females problem out there in the entertainment world. Most of them have very bad attitudes and come off like they have been making hit albums all alone. She has too much mouth sometimes and really think that someone want to work with a woman that always appear bitter. She is about as bad a Tierra Marie and her nasty ass attitude but want someone to give her a chance to perform and wanted to fight when she was told that she didn’t sound good. I don’t blame them for dropping her maybe next time she will learn how to keep her damn mouth closed and remember that she need management and they don’t necessarily need her.

  2. You really think black people care about just another whore ? We in the middle of a historic race war. Move these bitches to the back. Bring the college graduates up front…we at war.

  3. race war???? its people like you that make me sick. your mother should have ate your defective butt move his racist butt to the back and bring on intelligent PEOPLE who don’t see color.

  4. I have tried to reach out to K Michelle on here social media, I believe I can help her do what needs to be done to make her the star that she is….a lot of management are really slave to these so called Jews and only bring deals to their client the more so benefit them more so than the client. I have done deals for some of the top entertainers and the people run right back to massa. My company is the secret weapon for artist and athelets, but they only find me we when the get screwed. If any of you have a line to k Michelle and want to see her wining My name is General Carlos Harris 18883385010 ext 9 I’m in New Orleans at the moment shooting a documentary my company is located Beverly Hills CA,NY,ATL,NO……..thanks black supporters of our sister The future Queen K!!! Not

  5. i love her and noone knows what her management team did for her to go off. the entertainment world will chew u up and spit you out!!!!! if you dont stand for something, you will fall for ANYTHING! i will be watching the show!!! im proud of you “K”

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