FLY or DIE ?: Momma Dee ‘I Deserve” [Music Video]

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Heeeeere we go again, it seems these Love & Hip-Hop stars are definitely taking full advantage of their platform to bless, oops we mean subject us to their failed attempts at music. Momma Dee the self-proclaimed queen of her “Kingdom” is the next up to bat to take a swing at the music game, and boy does she strike out.


Scrappy I know that’s your momma and all, but you know she has no BIZNYEE anywhere near a recording studio or recording equipment. We are shocked you even opted to be in the video. We get it though, anything to keep her out of your love life and harassing whoever your boo is at the time.

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To be fair to Momma Dee though we got to see a side of her we rarely do, she opens the visual burying a child and she can be seen giving food to those in need as well much to their “surprise”. As mentioned before the prince of the kingdom Lil’ Scrappy makes a cameo along with his daughter alongside his momma in some touching family scenes. If you have 4:53 of time to spare, checkout the visual for the Benzino produced track “I Deserve” below.


We honestly didn’t deserve this song or video, nope not at all. Momma Dee just needs stick to ruling her very small kingdom and leave the music to those who can actually hold a note. We did get a good laugh though, so thanks Momma Dee for that :-).

So what say you Fly Gals and Gents? 

Yay or Nay?

Stay Fly!


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