First Look: K. Michelle’s “My Life” Reality Show Trailer ….

You knew it was coming! Songstress & reality star, K. Michelle will invade our living rooms on November 3rd with her very own reality show titled, “My Life”.

In K. Michelle’s new show, she takes on NYC with her friends in real life; Paris, Jonathan, Nema and Tracie. K will also introduce the world to her 10-year old son, Chase, who lives in Memphis with his grandparents.

Peep the synopsis:

K. Michelle has a team of friends in place that are committed to helping her make sense of it all. Paris, having met K. Michelle on Twitter a few years ago, is fiercely loyal and outspoken sometimes to her own detriment; make-up artist, confidant and shopping partner Jonathan constantly encourages K. Michelle to stay clear of the drama, open up to giving second chances and follow her heart. Nema is her glamorous roommate who has New York City nightlife in the palm of her hand. Rounding out the group is Tracie, K. Michelle’s childhood friend and part-time dog-sitter, who comes to attempt reconciliation with K. Michelle regarding issues that have arisen between them in recent months.


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K.Michelle: My Life



You can also look for a cameo from SFPL’s Rae Holliday during this season, will you be watching?

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