Releasing her much-anticipated EP ‘M.I.L.A. (Made In Los Angeles)’ today, which is already #3 on iTunes and still moving units, Mila J chats it up with SFPL, discussing her EP process, upcoming full album, and rumors about her and sister, Jhene Aiko not getting along. Check out more below and stream Mila’s latest EP.

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Picture Source: Instagram/MilaJ

On the EP process:

“It probably took about a couple months to record it and I had to get a few of my L.A. homies on the project, Ty Dolla $ign and B.o.B are on there as well. I had so many songs that it was hard to narrow them all down. But I never put out a full body of work before, and I wanted everyone to see different layers, and sides of me, which is also why we decided to do a visual EP. I wanted to showcase all sides of me, so people can say: hey, she can do this, that, there’s action over here, etc. Also, I know when I have a favorite song and the artists doesn’t do a video for it, I get mad (lol). So, that was super important to me to have the visuals.”

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On working Kevin McCall in “Times Like These” visual:

“Kevin is also another West Coast representer and Kevin is super cool! And it’s crazy because, I don’t think he’s really done any acting before then, and everyone was just blown away like; dude, you need to act! You are really good! I mean, he’s just talented anyway, like musically but i’m like; you need to take some of this acting serious cause you out-shining me (lol)!”

Picture Source: Instagram/MilaJ

Picture Source: Instagram/MilaJ

On rumors about her relationship with Jhene Aiko; SFPL asks, “Is it true that you guys don’t get along and can’t be in the same room with each other?”:

“No, that’s not true at all. What people don’t understand is that we both grew up in music, like this is what we do. So, people are feeling like; well, one came out before the other, and now at the same time. No, God’s timing is God’s timing. It doesn’t matter what you do. When he wants it to happen, that’s when it’s going to happen. Now, I feel like everyone is just trying to pair the negatives; the ‘he said, she said’…No, she has an album out, she’s promoting. I haven’t seen any of my family in a long time. We’re both busy, we’re grinding and trying to build our careers. So, I think people read into stuff and be like; oh, why don’t you guys have any new pictures together?…Ummm, maybe because we’re trying to make a life (lol)! It’s all good. I think people just need something to talk about. And it’s unfortunate, with females in general, (I mean, nevermind that we’re sisters), but females in general, they try to pair you together. Guys can do songs with each other all day long and no one compares them. But the minute it’s girls, they be like; well, whose better?, etc — people always want to start something, and do the whole comparison thing. Again, people just need or want to creating a story….I don’t know…I think it’s just for some hits on their blogs or something (lol).”

On a new full album:

“I’m dying to release the full album, which is pretty much complete, but of course, i’m going to record until I can’t anymore. Right now, i’m apart of the ‘BET College Tour’, so i’ll definitely be out on the road for that. But the album is looking to drop the 1st quarter of next year (2015), if everything goes as planned; and i’m going to turn it up another notch, and those videos are going to be movies.” 


*We tried to squeeze out of Mila J some more info on her upcoming collabs, on her full album but she wants it to be a surprise! We can’t wait to see! You never know, we may just drop the track-listing first! 🙂

It was a pleasure with Mila and we wish her much success!  

Check out Mila J’s new EP below and purchase now on iTunes!

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