The moment we Walking Dead enthusiast have been waiting for happened last night! The season 5 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead went down last night and it felt good to take an hour off from Wiz, Amber, Kim & Kanye!

The hour sped by too quickly as most of us were glued to our TV’s only taking quick short breaths during commercial breaks and gruesome attacks. Here are 5 things we learned from last night’s episode.


5. Terminus was bogus.

We secretly knew Terminus was bogus! Yes, we the fans are smarter than Rick! But Rick unlike Moses, lead his people into the un-promised land and almost got everybody killed! Rick, you’ve been screwed over by every group you’ve come across in the state of Georgia! Why would you think this was a good idea in the first place? Dummy. The time for optimism has passed.

Rick, do better!


4. Tyreese got his mojo back.

Tyreese lost a LOT during his time in the Zombie wilderness. He’s lost love (Thanks to Carol), he lost the strength to fight and apparently he’s lost all of his sense. All Tyreese was left with was baby Judith and the same woman who killed his lover, Carol.

Tyreese had ONE job to do. ONE job! To take care of Baby Judith (why the hell is this child’s name Judith? she’s already 65 years-old) and sit in an abandoned house with a man they took captive, with a racist tone and a mouth full of juicy fruit. 

What does he do, get thrown out of the house by the same man, who then puts a knife to baby Judith and forced Tyreese out into the zombie streets to be killed and eaten alive.

Luckily, Tyreese never lost his killer instinct and came through in the eleventh hour like Keyshia Cole outside your door at 4am, DODGE AND WEAVE! 

Come Thru Tyreese!

You made us smile. Well not me, but you made some folks smile.


3. Rick got his life together (sorta)

After a full season and a half of Rick being half here, half on planet of the apes, Rick FINALLY stepped up to his leadership role.  His delirious nature took a back seat for an episode so that Rick could lead his people out of the hell he lead them into.

Thanks Rick.

Please, stay a while.


2. We secretly like Daryl & Carol

A few season’s ago before Carol pissed us all off by killing the only brown woman to get some shine besides Michonne, we cringed at her actions as she desperately yearned for Daryl’s attention and affection. Daryl paid her dust every time like Iggy Azalea at the Hip Hop Awards, but she still she rose!

So when he finally got mushy after not seeing her for weeks after a zombie ambush split up the crew, we smiled. On the inside.


1. Carol gained our trust back. 

I hate to admit it, but Carol is BAD ASS!

Baby, Carol came out swinging on this episode like Lil’ Kim at a Nicki MInaj Meet & Greet! She literally shut down Terminus and with Rick’s swift thinking (finally) aided the crew to exit the bloody town of cannibals! 

We don’t trust these good deeds will last before she makes another bone head decision, but for now Carol, GOLD STAR FOR YOU!

 Until next week!

-Stay Fly!

[Recap By @RaeHolliday]

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