Fly Music: $hang – “Amnesia” + “Participation”



$hang, known digitally to most as $hangdollasign, is prepping to deliver the sonic phase of what could otherwise be described as a very visual campaign – issuing captivating stills and imagery over every manner of social media for the past three months.

This second dimension is set to add another layer to her repertoire, beyond aesthetics and is poised to come bleeding through your speakers with the simult-release of her lead singles, “Amnesia” and the Layla Khepri-assisted, “Participation.”

Enlisting indie juggernauts, Sane Beats and TrapCry, respectively, both songs ride the shoulder of trending music, containing pulsating, hypnotic cadences and  unshakeable rhythms, blending to balance $hang’s initial outing as something both familiar yet distinctive. All considering, this is a part of $hang’s reawakening, her reintroduction since wowing the world as a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent; sharper than before, she is even stronger as an artist now. And armored with an appetite more ferocious than ever.

As she readies the release of her forthcoming collection, debuting this fall, $hang is swinging the gates of her world open, welcoming her audience into all things wondrous and wild.  So, this is your chance, your ticket in – download $hang’s two new singles for free, exclusively on her website

$hang’s EPKHERE
Connect with $hang | Instagram: shangdollasign | 

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