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As we go into the fall/winter season, it is only good to be prepared — as much as — possible, or your skin will look a complete wreck. Below, we’ve  listed a few of our favorite brands that will be sure to keep your face clear, moisturized, and looking flawless as ever! Check it out below…


This gentle cleanser is specifically for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. It washes away dirt, oil and makeup leaving your skin smooth and soft- while also being very gentle on your wallet!

Get it HERE: www.shopambi.com

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**The Jojoba Company
Not sure if you are familiar with Jojoba, but it’s making waves in skin care because it is the only plant that yields “wax esters” similar to those that occur naturally in skin, keeping it hydrated, healthy, and young looking. The Jojoba Company grows and harvests its own sustainable crop on its family-owned farms in Australia, creating a pristine and powerful foundation for a host of skin care formulations. Few companies have such extraordinary control over their ingredients. 
Walkers Apothecary Skincare:
Walkers Apothhecary skincare line specializes in traditional treatments that soothe the mind, body and soul while bringing you personalized and customized products.
Carol’s Daughter:
This is a deep moisturizing body butter is for all skin types with a soft, warm and soothing scent. 
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Nivea MEN

This light, easily absorbed SPF 15 lotion helps protects against sun damage and provides long lasting moisture to relieve dry, skin. Skin looks smooth and healthy and feels comfortable and protected.

Get it HERE: www.niveausa.com

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eShave (Men): 
All a man needs! This shaving system prepares your skin for before and after the shave while leaving your skin with a long lasting moisturizing effect that protects your face from unwanted bumps and discomfort. 
Get it HERE: www.eshave.com

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